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Air Jordan
almostred, basketball, man, person, silhouette
Toronto Raptors
crimson, basketball, circle, claw
Cleveland Cavalliers
darkgoldenrod, heinzred, pepsiblue, ball, basketball, sword
Los Angeles Lakers
gold, nyupurple, ball, basketball
Philadelphia 76ers
almostred, koneblue, ball, basketball, circle, stars
Orlando Magic
black, koneblue, ball, basketball, stars
New Orleans Hornets
beakorange, flyingblue, strongblue, animal, basketball, bee, insect
Los Angeles Clippers
heinzred, pepsiblue, ball, basketball
Sacramento Kings
black, bootsblue, silver, basketball, spear
Indiana Pacers
beakorange, silver, sloggiblue, ball, basketball, letter, p
Boston Celtics
benettongreen, black, bordeaux, ball, basketball, circle, coaster, man
Washington Wizards
albablue, almostred, basketball, man, moon, w, wizard
Atlanta Hawks
red, silver, sloggiblue, animal, ball, basketball, hawk
Oklahoma City Thunder
beakorange, koneblue, sloggiblue, tomato, basketball, shield
Seattle Supersonics
gold, oakgreen, basketball, s
Phoenix Suns
blandorange, darkslateblue, rainbow, ball, basketball, sun
Toronto Raptors
black, crimson, gray, animal, basketball, dinosaur
Miami Heat
black, tomato, basketball, flame, gradient
Utah Jazz
albablue, darkgreen, orange, basketball, j, musicnote
New Jersey Nets
crimson, sloggiblue, basketball, shield
Detroit Pistons
royalblue, washedoutred, ball, basketball, circle
centricblue, crimson, basketball, pie, sketch

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