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British Gas
red, sloggiblue, vansblue, flame, helvetica
Tennessee Titans
faintred, sloggiblue, steelblue, flame, stars, t
Miami Heat
black, tomato, basketball, flame, gradient
black, red, flame
crimson, lightsteelblue, yellow, animal, banner, bird, flame, shield
animal, flame, fox, globe, gradient, k9, sphere
Hong Kong Brand
orange, red, animal, dragon, flame, gradient
Atlanta 1996
hawaiianred, sienna, tomato, flame, rings, stars, torch
American Heart Association
red, flame, heart, torch, whitespace
Grupo Santander
red, disc, flame
stumblegreen, washedoutred, flag, flame
Better Business Bureau
dominoblue, flame, torch
koneblue, flame, g, letter
Albertville 1992
dominoblue, red, cross, flame
New York University (NYU)
nyupurple, flame, torch
Delft University of Technology
black, flyingblue, flame, torch
Politie Nederland
darkgoldenrod, strongblue, book, flame

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