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National Basketball Association (NBA)
almostred, pepsiblue, man, roundedsquare, silhouette
Air Jordan
almostred, basketball, man, person, silhouette
black, doll, man, people, person, tyre
Johnnie Walker
black, crimson, man
black, gold, man, person
Ralph Lauren Polo
black, animal, horse, man
Le Tour de France
black, gold, bike, man, person, sun
Robe di Kappa
black, red, man, woman
Red Hat
black, red, circle, hat, man, person
Major League Baseball
almostred, pepsiblue, ball, man, roundedsquare, silhouette
New England Patriots
silver, sloggiblue, washedoutred, face, flag, man, star
black, man
Foot Locker
black, red, man, person
black, yellow, arms, jumping, man, marker, person, sketch
flyingblue, arms, man, person
Minnesota Vikings
black, darkslateblue, gold, face, helmet, horns, man, vikings
Ottawa Senators
black, crimson, darkgoldenrod, face, head, helmet, man
Boston Celtics
benettongreen, black, bordeaux, ball, basketball, circle, coaster, man
Washington Redskins
black, gold, mountainred, face, feather, man
Washington Wizards
albablue, almostred, basketball, man, moon, w, wizard
Oakland Raiders
black, silver, face, helmet, man, pirate, shield, sword
black, hat, man, person
Captain Morgan
black, hat, man, person, pirate, sword
pepsiblue, man, moon, person
Interflora Fleurop
black, ifyellow, circle, man, person, running
rainbow, man, people, person, woman
black, dominoblue, hat, man, person, whitespace
Café de Colombia
mountainred, animal, man, mountain, mule, person
Nik 4 Now
black, washedoutred, gradient, man, person, silhouette
offorange, animal, horse, man, person
Procter & Gamble
black, man, person, stars
black, crimson, animal, h, horse, knight, man, shield, sword
black, gold, hat, man, person, silhouette, square
Dakar Rally
cameldark, brushstroke, man, person
black, red, circle, face, helmet, man
Suffolk Downs
black, animal, horse, man, silhouette
Bon Aqua
almostred, pepsiblue, silver, face, man, square, underline
British Telecom
pepsiblue, red, horn, man, person, trumpet
RVS Verzekeringen
black, steelblue, animal, dog, man, people, person, silhouette, umbrella, woman
Sparta Rotterdam
black, heinzred, ball, football, man, person
black, circle, man, person, whitespace
black, dodgerblue, arms, man, person
sloggiblue, circle, man, person
red, animal, circle, horse, man

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