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New England Patriots
silver, sloggiblue, washedoutred, face, flag, man, star
Columbus Blue Jackets
almostred, silver, sloggiblue, flag, lines, star, stars
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
black, blandorange, mattred, flag, football, skull, sword
Six Flags
rainbow, flag
Mall of America
pepsiblue, red, flag, star
Tommy Hilfiger
albablue, crimson, flag, h, letter, rectangle
Bank of America
heinzred, koneblue, diamond, field, flag, woven
gold, strongblue, flag, fold, tail
Windows 7
rainbow, flag, plussign
Newcastle United
black, deepskyblue, goldenrod, animal, banner, flag, seahorse, shield
aigreen, flag, letter, lines, n
stumblegreen, washedoutred, flag, flame
Windows Phone
red, flag, plussign, square
gold, heinzred, flag
Banner Health
koneblue, banner, flag, heart
pepsiblue, red, flag
almostred, black, roverbeige, ellips, flag, lines
France Tourism
pepsiblue, red, brushstroke, flag
Crowne Plaza
bordeaux, columbiabrown, tan, ellips, flag
Library of Congress
dominoblue, book, flag, lines

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