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The Mövenpick (1999) logo
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In 1999 under supervision of, Mark Wing, head of design, at Conran Design Group, Wing's team was responsible for the redesign of the above Mövenpick logotype.

The original Mövenpick logo was a red and yellow tram line logotype with rounded lettering combined with a multi colored bird graphic.

In addition to the logo refresh, Wing's team strengthened the entire brand architecture to ensure a consistent brand identity was experienced across the whole group. As you may know, Mövenpick Group is a very diverse business, spanning: food products (ice cream, jam, etc.), drinks (wine, coffee, etc.), supermarkets (Conran Design Group's work also included Marché, Cindy's Diner), restaurants, resorts, hotels (3 star to 5 star). One of the main challenges for the team was to design a logotype applicable to all of the above Mövenpick activities without emphasing one activity more than the other and without being too generic or dull.




Year: 1999

Category: Tourism
Style: Simple

Design: Conran Design Group
Continent: Unknown
Country: Unknown

Rating: 3.2
Overall: #1081 (/1792)
In its category: #21 (/40)
Based on 1914 votes
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