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The MyRadio (2012) logo
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MyRadio is an innovative next generation radio service. The MY part of the logo is constructed of LEDs together symbolizing a digital volume unit (VU) meter (see below). Apart from this explanation and inspiration for the logo the differently colored dots also symbolize the different stations (e.g. hits, urban, dance) the MyRadio streaming radio service offers to its listeners.

Analog and digital VU meter.

MyRadio on YouTube

A brief introduction to the innovative MyRadio concept.




Year: 2012
Brand: MyRadio

Category: Media and Pub...
Style: Figurative

Design: GraphicMix, Marc Lubbers
Continent: Europe
Country: Netherlands

Rating: 3.3
Overall: #850 (/1792)
In its category: #35 (/88)
Based on 2018 votes
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