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The Mean Bean (2008) logo
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Mean Bean


Mean Bean is a Dutch brand for exclusive high quality beanbags. The reason why they are named mean is in the fact they are very, very big and for this reason extremely comfortable. The reason why they are called bean is not only because they're a beanbag, also because it is shaped in the form of a bean.

The hand sketched marker logo makes smart use of the two words sharing three indentical letters in the same order.

For more information on the brand and its products, check out:



Mean Bean

Year: 2008

Category: Design
Style: Intelligent

Design: Miktor & Molf, Qikker
Continent: Europe
Country: Netherlands

Rating: 3.1
Overall: #1433 (/1792)
In its category: #14 (/21)
Based on 1917 votes
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