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Maxeda (formerly known as Vendex KBB) is a retail group from The Netherlands operational in Western Europe. It is the result of the merger of Koninklijke Bijenkorf Beheer (KBB) and Vendex. Mostly known for their successful department stores 'de Bijenkorf' and 'V&D', the organisation also runs several other shop formats.


Apart from its two big department store chains, Maxeda owns the following other shopchains and formats:
Do It Yourself (DIY) Market: Praxis, Formido, Brico and Plan-it.
Clothing Market: Claudia Sträter, M&S and Hunkemöller.
Restaurants Market:  La Place
Jewellery Market: Schaap & Citroen




Year: 2006
Brand: Maxeda

Category: Retail
Style: 90s

Design: Unknown
Continent: Europe
Country: Netherlands

Rating: 3.1
Overall: #1463 (/1792)
In its category: #51 (/77)
Based on 1917 votes
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