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Hong Kong Brand


Why Brand Hong Kong?


The idea of ‘branding’ Hong Kong was first explored in 1996. At that time, much attention was focused on the return of Hong Kong to China, and there was concern in some quarters that Hong Kong might vanish from the international stage after reunification. The Government’s Information Services Department undertook the task of making sure such a scenario would never take place, and ways were sought to define Hong Kong’s role as a Special Administrative Region of China, as well as an international services centre for finance, trade, investment, tourism, transport and communications.


Various strategies were considered, and the decision to develop Brand Hong Kong was finally taken in 2000. The new millennium had begun, the worst of the Asian financial crisis was over and Hong Kong was beginning to enjoy a new lease of life under Chinese sovereignty. The time was right to forge a new image for the city.





Hong Kong Brand

Year: Unknown

Category: Government
Style: Symbolic

Design: Landor Associates
Continent: Asia
Country: Hong Kong

Rating: 4
Overall: #615 (/1792)
In its category: #3 (/7)
Based on 2496 votes
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