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The Delft University of Technology (2003) logo
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Delft University of Technology


The word mark consists of the letters 'TU Delft' (Technische Universiteit in Dutch) and the stylised torch (the 'T' with the flame on top of it). The torch and flame refer to the legend of Prometheus, who as the story goes, took the fire of knowledge from the mountain Olympus to the people on earth. The torch has always had a prominent place in the TU Delft logo. Early this century the 1983 version was redesigned by René Hofman at Euro RSCG Bikker. This version is more userfriendly and printer friendly, and above all, more clearly a flame.



Delft University of Technology

Year: 2003

Category: Education
Style: Metaforic

Design: Euro RSCG Bikker, René Hofman
Continent: Europe
Country: Netherlands

Rating: 3
Overall: #1468 (/1792)
In its category: #6 (/8)
Based on 1914 votes
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