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The Ford (1927) logo
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Mr. Ford's right-hand man, Harold Wills, earned money printing business cards in his teens, so when Henry was looking for a logo in 1903 he dusted off his old John Bull printing set. The typeface was the one he used for his own visiting cards. The oval appeared in 1912, and blue was added for the Model A in 1927.

This version of the logo is an update done by The Partners in 2003.


A notorious acronym for Ford is 'First On Rubbish Dump'...





Year: 1927

Category: Automotive
Style: 50s60s70s

Design: The Partners, Harold Wills
Continent: North-America
Country: United States

Rating: 5.7
Overall: #84 (/1792)
In its category: #6 (/127)
Based on 8129 votes
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