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The Duck Brand (1994) logo
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Duck Brand


Bill Nicholson, Creative Lead for the Manco Company from 1985 to 2005, designed this 5th version of the Manco T. Duck logo. The icon was designed in 1994 as Manco moved to it's new corporate headquarters in Avon, Ohio on Just Imagine Drive (Manco also helped brand the street name in 1995).

The Circle behind the Duck represents the Globe as Manco was entering a global marketplace. The circle has the same dimensions as a paper core that a roll of duct tape is found on and for what Manco Stood for: 'Quality To The Core'. The Green sash is a tribute to Sam Walton and Bill Nicholson himself as they were both Eagle Scouts and both proud of their merit badges (personal conversation between Walton and Nicholson in 1991 one year before Walton died). The hand stretched out is breaking out of the circle to lend a hand, for Manco Duck is 'Life’s Little Helper'. The 'T' is the Duck's Middle initial and stands for Trust. The Duck Brand Duct Tape is an international consume brand and was launched in over 70 countries.



Duck Brand

Year: 1994

Category: Consumer Prod...
Style: Figurative

Design: Bill Nicholson
Continent: North-America
Country: United States

Rating: 4.4
Overall: #513 (/1792)
In its category: #3 (/46)
Based on 4229 votes
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