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The De M Factor (2010) logo
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De M Factor


De M Factor is a training- and consulting agency to activate and contribute the success of the people and the company by enlargement and inspiration. With specific expertise in the areas of strategy development, leadership and culture, team development seminars and action they provide lasting change in attitude and behavior in organizations.

Design solution
Besides the name "M Factor" the logo contains an integrated twist, as a key element, symbolic of the change, a directional arrow for the subtle course and two facing profiles as a basis for communication. The colors red and black reinforce the no-nonsense, action-oriented organization.



De M Factor

Year: 2010

Category: Consulting
Style: Intelligent

Design: DPid
Continent: Europe
Country: Netherlands

Rating: 3
Overall: #1512 (/1792)
In its category: #11 (/22)
Based on 1913 votes
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