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>Mian Akhtar
01:49:33 - 7/04/'11

Dear Goodlogo Team,

Heartily thanks to launch An informative website "" and expressly LOGO-QUIZ segment. A good- novelty by Frank Eijking and his Good-team for Worldwide brands and also for Ovan Sports Co. I am sure, our new V-checkmark logo shall beauty the LogoQuiz portion.

Good luck & keep it up.

Mian :)  

23:18:50 - 6/15/'11
Amazing site yours faithfully Ellyn Schmunk
02:32:32 - 4/12/'11
Vsem privet! Kak dela?
00:19:26 - 2/26/'11
Hola!, I would like to present myself . I'm Marcos, and I live in Argentina, in Cordoba. I hope can visit here soon!
01:39:05 - 12/07/'10
Arie Kakiailatu (7735)>

Dear Arie,

On we do not try to have a complete collection of logos per brand, productcategory or branch. As our name says, we try to build a collection of good logos on our site. The Woolmark logo definitely qualifies as such a good logo! For this reason it was added on our site, already a long time ago. At that time I was adding logos at the priority of the criterium 'good' design. Not specifically on a 'per productcategory' basis. I will check the other logos you mention and will add them soon.

Thank you very much for your suggestions,

Regards, Frank

>Arie Kakiailatu
06:05:39 - 12/05/'10
Dear there,
I noticed the logo of Woolmark - but you forgot to include the logo of Leathermark, Recycle, Foodgrade Plastic and Woodenmark.  Please take a note on all these for the completeness of your information.

Good luck to you

>Leo Billoud
02:46:49 - 9/03/'10
Hello Good!Logo team!

I'd like to congratulate you on your site, its very interesting and has lot's interesting information.

There's one thing that bothers me about all of this, and I'm not sure if it was knowingly left out, or if it's an honest and quite blatant mistake: Why in heavens name can I not find the Google logo in you database. There must be interesting things to say about it!

Otherwise well done, and I look forward to browsing through you site.

PS: The irony, if you can call it that, is that you have to over their Subsidiary logos (Chrome, Wave...) already up, but not even the main mutlicolour, Times new roman font (if I'm not mistaken), minimalistic logo!

>abhinav kashyap
21:10:56 - 8/30/'10

hello dear team good logo,



Iam very very happy and the reason for my happiness is good logo .com whenever im frustated or not at ease i start taking your quiz and it calms me down where i learn how to learn somwthing which you never knew about. its an amazing thing to do and i do it almost daily....i'm really looking forward for a new add up i your website where people can upload some of new logos which we never saw or heard of this will increase the number of visitors coz the logos which you have on your web are almost all known to me. and iam looking for some new challenges i'm very keen in making my career in advertising and your website has really helped me alot.


Once again thannks for keeping us known to this unknown world where we may not remember the reason of our existence.....keep up the good job...

00:19:01 - 8/30/'10
René Kurpershoek (7709)>Dear René,
Thank you very much for the information, I put information on this page: and of course the information on the logo is page is updated with your father as the designer.
>René Kurpershoek
04:08:12 - 8/29/'10
The logo of Amro Bank of the Netherlands was designed by my father, Theodorus Lambertus ('Theo') Kurpershoek, *1914 in Rotterdam, +1998 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He worked all his life in or near Amsterdam as a painter, etcher, calligrapher, typographist and graphic designer.
Amro Bank was the result of a merger in 1964, which was the year the logo was introduced.

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