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>abhinav kashyap
21:10:56 - 8/30/'10

hello dear team good logo,



Iam very very happy and the reason for my happiness is good logo .com whenever im frustated or not at ease i start taking your quiz and it calms me down where i learn how to learn somwthing which you never knew about. its an amazing thing to do and i do it almost daily....i'm really looking forward for a new add up i your website where people can upload some of new logos which we never saw or heard of this will increase the number of visitors coz the logos which you have on your web are almost all known to me. and iam looking for some new challenges i'm very keen in making my career in advertising and your website has really helped me alot.


Once again thannks for keeping us known to this unknown world where we may not remember the reason of our existence.....keep up the good job...


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00:34:30 - 11/15/'18
vote 10 for queen's logo y'all
19:59:36 - 7/09/'16
12:12:58 - 4/24/'16
Anyone out here?
09:43:59 - 7/04/'14
Hi Goodlogo team,
Just one question. Why my high scores are getting deleted in the logo quiz for past three days. I scored 100% with 60 seconds to spare. I registered it but today I see it is not there...!!!

Strange..!! is it manipulated???????????????
06:36:55 - 5/23/'14

The logo that comes up when you type in Coca-Cola is wrong. The loop of the "L" is missing.


20:06:07 - 10/08/'13
Great logo site, very inspirational with plenty of great ideas for logo designers, I recommend for anyone looking to create professional logos for their business
11:54:50 - 11/27/'12
Hey all, I love this site. Wish all the logos had explanations. Its so insightful. I'm new to the whole logo design thing. I'm going at it myself. I admire what graphic designers do (logo design, specifically). Simplify a whole company and its motives to one recognizable shape or form. I need more logo history to help me grow... Just dropping a line.
08:07:06 - 4/25/'12
i want a rocking logo for " it's me... "
06:33:30 - 1/31/'12
kindly add Yum! brands logo
01:20:16 - 8/03/'11
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