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New guestbook up and running

Tue Apr. 24, 2001

A completely maintenance free guestbook has been placed. You can visit it by using our above menu.
This new guestbook has been optimized for MS IExplore. The extra countdown feature will be disabled in Netscape. Sorry for you, dinosaurs!

There's no need to add <br> tags(the thingy you often forget, and can't redo) anymore, just hit 'Enter' in the message input. The newline is being converted to a <br> tag. So... Meaning html is still allowed in the message input for this guestbook(the other fields will be filtered), but please close your tags!

<script> and <?php ?> tags are filtered in the message input.
Message length is restricted to 750 characters.

Please Enjoy it!
We hope you'll post some messages.

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