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>moazzam rathore
01:06:30 - 9/26/'09

Very Excellant,

I pay my heartly congratulation to the team of good

u have done excellent work

12:41:03 - 8/21/'09

I am really disappointed by your rules. My boyfriend (who has a very low LogoIq) already registered twice today and now I am banned. Do I need to break up with him and move out, or can we solve this problem otherwise????? Please help me!!!!


01:09:46 - 8/20/'09
This is injustice done on Pradeep C D. I purely go on his dosnt matter weather he plays 100 times or 200 times..this is for fun n i think banning for no REASON is a CRIME n u have commited the crime..

The only Justice for this crime is unbanning the Users and  allowing multiple submissions...
This is just a friendly mail..i'm not threatening u..


04:32:46 - 8/19/'09

Pradeep CD (7582)> Hello Pradeep,

It is correct that I banned you. I also think you know why.


The logiQuizz is intended as a quick and fun test for everybody to play. It was not intended as something you submit time after time 100 times a day to collect all answers, try the quizz again and only when you have a 100% score, register for a highscore. Please explain me why it is fun to play the quizz in this way.


When you would have asked me nicely, I might have considered to unban you, but when you start threatening me, it will have the opposite effect. Sorry for that.


Again, I think you know very well why you are banned from the quizz.


Kind Regards, Frank


>Pradeep CD
03:54:25 - 8/19/'09
Hi, this is Pradeep CD...

I was the Hisghest Score holder since last week... I tried to submit today, unfortunately, I'm banned from submitting highest score...

Unban me, or else i will think you are afraid of me...


15:47:00 - 8/01/'09
Because now the logiQuizz highscore positions are also based on the time left you have at the moment you submit a quizz, I unfortunately had to delete all former highscore registrations, because we didn't save the time left yet for the entries
I'm really sorry about this, but hope you all take a quizz again and register your score again. Now we store enough data, so there's no need to delete the entries anymore.
13:26:58 - 7/13/'09

The logo of the Staatsloterij isn't several small fish making a big fish, but you have to use a small fish as bait to catch a big one.

02:07:35 - 6/20/'09
11:14:52 - 6/16/'09
This is a fun site.

I like how you let the people vote!

13:36:09 - 6/02/'09
i love logos.......
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