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The NL EU 2004 (2004) logo
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NL EU 2004


Visual Identity for the Dutch Presidency of the European Union 2004.

Studio Dumbar developed a clear and strong visual identity, contributing to the clarity and appeal of the European politics and the Dutch role in the European political arena. The logo is compact, modern and strong and contains all relevant element: the letter combination 'EU', the slightly hidden initials 'NL' (The Netherlands country code is NL), the year 2004, the red white and blue  of the Dutch falg, including the EU-blue and Dutch orange. The number 2004 completes the square form of the logo. This addition however, can be left out, creating a large number of alternative applications.

NL EU 2004 Packaging NL EU 2004 Pin

Dutch Presidency of the European Union 2004

Source and images: Studio Dumbar



NL EU 2004

Year: 2004

Category: Not For Profit
Style: Intelligent

Design: Studio Dumbar
Continent: Europe
Country: Netherlands

Rating: 4.4
Overall: #521 (/1792)
In its category: #11 (/21)
Based on 9045 votes
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