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The Land Rover (1986) logo
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Land Rover


The Land Rover Logo was designed by David Pearce of Tatham Pearce in 1986, as part of a rebranding and strategic review of the company.

The identity and review was undertaken to clear up the confusion in the consumers mind about the company and, at that time, it's two products.

In 1986, Land Rover was part of the Rover Group, a company that had changed it's name and identity number of times in the years prior to the review. Land Rover was also synonymous with the ubiquitous, rather basic, utility vehicle, but manufactured the Range Rover, the up-market highly refined luxury vehicle. Though both were 4x4, the two vehicles were so different in build quality and brand positioning that consumers were confused about who made Range Rover - was it Land Rover, the Rover Group or Range Rover?

Land Rover wanted to create a better company brand platform in order to launch a new vehicle, the Discovery (and later other vehicles) under the Land Rover name. Their positioning being the makers of the best 4x4 vehicles in the world.

Land Rover is one of the most famous automobile brands and their identity was implemented in virtual every country in the world. The logo was applied to an extensive range of company and dealer-related material, including promotional literature and a multi-million pound dealer signage programme. The visual changes introduced reached out to every aspect of the company’s products, services and operations throughout its world markets.

By and large the initial brand strategy has been followed to this day and has facilitated a better understanding of the company and it's now extensive range of 4x4 vehicles.



Land Rover

Year: 1986
Brand: Land Rover

Category: Automotive
Style: Classic

Design: David Pearce, Tatham Pearce
Continent: Europe
Country: United Kingdom

Rating: 5.7
Overall: #94 (/1792)
In its category: #9 (/127)
Based on 9533 votes
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