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LG Electronics


Digitally Yours... LG was formerly known as Lucky Goldstar. The L is its nose, the G its smile, hair and its wink ;-) Today LG makes people think the letters stand for LG's slogan 'Life's Good', hence the smiley, I guess.

Another trivia: If you move the letter 'L' upwards towards the border,  simultanously moving the base of the letter to the center of the circle, you end up with a 45 degrees rotated Pac-Man icon.



LG Electronics

Year: Unknown

Category: Electronics
Style: Metaforic

Design: Unknown
Continent: Asia
Country: Korea (South)

Rating: 5.6
Overall: #112 (/1792)
In its category: #2 (/65)
Based on 9909 votes
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