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Raymond Loewy
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Raymond Loewy

Raymond Loewy was one of the first professional Industrial Designers in the world. He pioneered the design of office machines, trains, cars and even airplanes (Airforce 1) and space stations. Apart from being a brilliant industrial designer working in three dimensions, Loewy was also a very talented graphic designer. Early 20th century he designed several logotypes that are still being used today. He always kept designs very clear and simple. In this way focusing on the essentials of the design. This probably also made his designs timeless. Loewy was not only creative, he also had a good instinct for business. A combination unbeatable. Because of his good business skills Loewy also succeeded in building a big internationally operating design firm: Raymond Loewy and Associates. It was one of the first full-service design companies in the world. They for example not only designed a new Greyhound bus, they also designed the new Greyhound logo. The company Raymond Loewy and Associates nowadays still exists and is still very strong at not only industrial design, but graphic design as well.

Logos by Raymond Loewy:
Lucky Strike
New Man
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