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01:57:55 - 1/04/'10
Rho Do (7644)> Rho, Thank you for your suggestions.
I've just added the Alfresco logo, please find it here.
>Rho Do
23:41:32 - 1/03/'10
How about Alfresco's logo:

and the various incarnations of the SIFF logo:
02:54:21 - 12/29/'09

Dear All,


I had received a xl format file in which we had to fill the company name below their logo's i have completed around 115 logos only 15 are left n outa which iam sure around five are correct.

can someone help me to find these 16 logos?

21:51:07 - 12/27/'09

Anna (7585)>


mail me your problems @  [email protected]

I'll surely help u out

08:28:07 - 11/24/'09
hello everybody
>tyler pitt
10:21:37 - 10/29/'09
heey i need some tips for a good logo can u help me out.
e-mail me plz with tips for good color use for logos at [email protected]

06:27:15 - 10/08/'09
Herewith reference of the new Air France logo:
>Marketing Rockstar
12:57:27 - 10/06/'09
What makes a good logo?   A good logo is well positioned for the target audience it is intended for.  If you're serious about your brand impression and reputation, consider working with a branding expert.

03:45:08 - 10/06/'09
Very good website.
Excellent collection of logos.

Visit my website.

>moazzam rathore
01:06:30 - 9/26/'09

Very Excellant,

I pay my heartly congratulation to the team of good

u have done excellent work

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