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04:33:37 - 1/20/'10
In the logiquizz I did not get all the points though I named the Aldi logo correct: There are two companies "Aldi Nord" and "Aldi South" (belonging to two brothers who have divided germany in two parts) with different logos. The logo of "Aldi North" was presented but the text shown was "Aldi Markt". Such a company does not exist in germany.
01:57:55 - 1/04/'10
Rho Do (7644)> Rho, Thank you for your suggestions.
I've just added the Alfresco logo, please find it here.
>Rho Do
23:41:32 - 1/03/'10
How about Alfresco's logo:

and the various incarnations of the SIFF logo:
02:54:21 - 12/29/'09

Dear All,


I had received a xl format file in which we had to fill the company name below their logo's i have completed around 115 logos only 15 are left n outa which iam sure around five are correct.

can someone help me to find these 16 logos?

21:51:07 - 12/27/'09

Anna (7585)>


mail me your problems @  [email protected]

I'll surely help u out

08:28:07 - 11/24/'09
hello everybody
>tyler pitt
10:21:37 - 10/29/'09
heey i need some tips for a good logo can u help me out.
e-mail me plz with tips for good color use for logos at [email protected]

06:27:15 - 10/08/'09
Herewith reference of the new Air France logo:
>Marketing Rockstar
12:57:27 - 10/06/'09
What makes a good logo?   A good logo is well positioned for the target audience it is intended for.  If you're serious about your brand impression and reputation, consider working with a branding expert.

03:45:08 - 10/06/'09
Very good website.
Excellent collection of logos.

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