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The Vaillant (2005) logo
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The 2005 Vaillant logo was designed by German graphic designers Horst Gerlach and Sonja Miehlke, both from Cologne.


The font is based on Cholla Sans. The logotype had to be spaced pretty narrow in order to fit the width of the former 1993 logo which was set in Futura. The new look should be more technical, but friendly. That's why the designers chose a font which combines both edges and curves. Compared to the old logo also the look of the hare is made much more friendly.


Please check the following page for a complete evolution chart of the Vaillant logo history:




Year: 2005

Category: Technology
Style: Figurative

Design: Horst Gerlach, Sonja Miehlke
Continent: Europe
Country: Germany

Rating: 3.1
Overall: #1272 (/1792)
In its category: #36 (/59)
Based on 1915 votes
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