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The Kinnevik logo
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The Kinnevik logo is already in use for over 150 years. Only the company it was the logo for was not Kinnevik. It was the logo for one of the world's greatest steel manufacturers ever Fagersta Bruk, also based in Sweden. The Fagersta Bruk logo was the worldwide proof of excellent steel. The manufacturing of steel in Fagersta started more than 400 years ago, in about 1600. The Fagersta Bruk company was bought and then cut into pieces in the middle of the 1980's by Kinneviks founder Jan Stenbeck. Basically Kinnevik has simply bought (or some say stolen) this logo from Fagersta Bruk. The logo is named Fagersta-Liljan (liljan means the flower lily). The logo is still today known as not only the symbol of Fagersta Bruk, but also the symbol of the town of Fagersta.




Year: Unknown

Category: Financial
Style: Symbolic

Design: Unknown
Continent: Europe
Country: Sweden

Rating: 3.1
Overall: #1242 (/1792)
In its category: #51 (/95)
Based on 1914 votes
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