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Joe Duffy
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Joe Duffy

Joe Duffy

Joe Duffy is a much-admired creative director and an expert in branding and design. When he started Duffy Design in 1984, in association with creative advertising agency Fallon Worldwide, he broke new ground for the collaborative integration of branding and design with advertising.

A native of Minneapolis, Duffy is a graduate of both the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota School of Art where he studied fine art and painting. In his first job he made exploded-view technical drawings of engines and generators for a manufacturing company. Then, in 1975, Duffy established his own illustration and design studio, catering primarily to Minneapolis advertising agencies. From 1980 until 1984, with four other partners, he ran an advertising agency.

Duffy's work includes brand and corporate identity and design development for leading global companies such as BMW, Coca-Cola,McDonald's, Starbucks and Sony. His understanding of how design affects consumer attitudes has led to many big ideas executed in advertising as well as design. He has guided the design component of significant integrated programs for EDS, The Islands of the Bahamas, Qualcomm, Whirlpool, Jim Beam Brands, Nuveen Investments, International Trucks, and Nikon.

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