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New Belfast logo and the typical tabloid response

Posted on: 20 September 2017 | 14:29

Belfast logo 2017
The new Belfast logo, designed by local firm McCadden, was a recent topic on a radio phone-in after “a disgruntled council worker” shared a low-res version of the mark (below). Unsurprisingly, public responses were typical of a logo presented in isolation, and the Belfast Telegraph ran an equally typical tabloid-styled response. Was new Belfast logo worth two-year wait and up to £50k of ratepayers’ cash? Followed by this on the same day… New Belfast logo: our graphic designer came up with these (for free) on his tea break. I’m not so sure of their “edgy and eclectic” nature (below). A few days later, McCadden’s managing director Glenn Stewart said, unsurprisingly, it was disappointing that a single version of the logo was put into the public domain before a more informative launch could take place. The design firm are billing around £45,000, with the fee including web work, brand guidelines, and a continuing advisory role over identity (...)

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