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The John Deere (2000) logo
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John Deere


In 2000, John Deere unveiled the latest evolution in the trademark, the eighth such logo in the company's history. The updated mark is true to the strong positive associations inherent in the revered John Deere name and symbol. Yet its sharpened antlers, angles, muscularity and attitude give the trademark an energized and dynamic edge. Coincidentally, after being perceived for decades as the 'Leaping Deer', this latest version, for the first time, actually illustrates the deer pushing upward rather than heading toward a landing position - a positive attribute noticed almost unanimously by all who participated in the recent identity review, research, and approval process.

Throughout the years, refinements to the trademarks have reflected what the company was about at that point in time and what it saw as important to its future. Since the mark was last revised in 1968, John Deere had grown from being predominately an agricultural equipment company with primary operations in the U.S.

The update is symbolic of John Deere's determination to stay focused on being the premier company in its industries worldwide, while remaining firmly rooted in its basic values of quality, innovation, integrity and commitment.

In an effort to more accurately reflect John Deere today, the timeless symbol has been modernized to show the company's global strength, willingness to embrace new opportunities, and commitment to adopting new technologies for customer satisfaction.

The style and shape of this updated logo is reflective of today's technology world: bolder, stronger, high technology oriented. In the symbol itself, the deer's feet are rooted firmly into the ground for a strong leap into the new millennium. The body, head and antlers have a purposeful attitude, a sense of direction and a clear commitment to taking charge by running smart.



John Deere

Year: 2000

Category: Industry
Style: Metaforic

Design: Unknown
Continent: Unknown
Country: Unknown

Rating: 4.8
Overall: #439 (/1792)
In its category: #2 (/45)
Based on 3469 votes
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