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Animal Jungle and Save your Logo...

As I was looking for an image with this post I came across Karl Grandin's Animal Jungle composition ( What a great example of what can be done by animal tag sorting and black and white coloring logos.

Grandin made this excellent logo wildlife pattern for his 'Jungle' design sweater.

Quoting from his website: "..In the Animal Sweater pattern, 180 animal shaped logos are set free. Emphasizing the beauty of the stylized animals and their collective kinship, rather than each mark’s individual commercial value, the pattern suggests a new way to experience the commercial imagery..."



Save your Logo

As Grandin's pattern shows, just in one image, many species of flora and fauna can be found in the logos of companies, universities and organisations, the Save Your Logo organisation provides an opportunity to invest in the conservation of the species seen in these logos. Please check their website to see whether more brands as Lacoste followed...

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