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Washington Caps
almostred, sloggiblue, animal, bird, hawk, letter, subliminal, w, whitespace, wings
Philadelphia Flyers
black, tomato, dot, puck, wings
Anaheim Ducks
black, sienna, tomato, d, letter, wings
Good Year
gold, pepsiblue, diamond, shoe, wings
BMW Mini
black, silver, wings
Skoda Auto
benettongreen, black, arrow, bird, wings
black, silver, b, letter, wings
The Athlete's Foot
pepsiblue, red, foot, wings
red, animal, kangaroo, triangle, wings
Turkish Airlines
crimson, animal, bird, circle, frame, wings
pepsiblue, yellow, angel, harp, person, wings
pepsiblue, hammer, sickle, wings
sloggiblue, globe, wings
Honda Motorcycles
beakorange, black, wings
Hermes Transport Gruppe
cyan, flyingblue, sandalblue, wings
Daf Classic
black, wings
Ssang Yong
strongblue, garland, wings
Detroit Red Wings
red, wheel, wings

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