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rainbow, animal, peacock, subliminal
Federal Express
fedexpurple, offorange, arrow, subliminal, whitespace
Big Ten Conference
flyingblue, 10, number, subliminal, whitespace
Washington Caps
almostred, sloggiblue, animal, bird, hawk, letter, subliminal, w, whitespace, wings
Girl Scouts
scoutgreen, hair, head, people, person, quadrifoglio, silhouette, subliminal, whitespace, woman
Madrid 2016**
rainbow, hand, letter, m, subliminal, whitespace
imgreen, arrow, pie, subliminal, triangle, whitespace
rainbow, house, loop, shutter, subliminal, whitespace
rainbow, cross, crosshair, letter, subliminal, u, v, whitespace
orange, 2, number, subliminal, z
dominoblue, letter, pointsymmetric, subliminal, triangle, whitespace, z
PLUS Supermarkt
leaf, multicolor, plussign, quadrifoglio, subliminal, whitespace
NL EU 2004
darkblue, offorange, red, number, subliminal
orangered, animal, elephant, letter, m, silhouette, subliminal, whitespace
Palm One
maroon, orange, 1, number, subliminal
heinzred, 3, rectangle, subliminal
mattred, arrow, ellips, letter, subliminal, v, whitespace
De M Factor
black, red, head, letter, m, person, silhouette, subliminal, twisted, whitespace
Das Vierte
gold, 4, circle, lines, number, subliminal, vertical
12 Move
black, red, yellow, 1, 2, 3, number, subliminal
cyan, brushstroke, hand, handwritten, subliminal, whitespace
Visa Plus
boeingblue, plussign, subliminal, whitespace
Capisci Modules
multicolor, plussign, square, squares, subliminal, whitespace

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