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Submit your Logos

To get the best selection of logos, you can be of great help!
Please mail us your alltime favorite logo(s) or use our online tool to upload a logo directly and specify all sorts of logo details and trivia. The logo will be reviewed and will be placed in our voting, tags and timeline area. as you might already have seen, all visitors to goodlogo!com can make a vote for your logo. So with a little luck your submitted logo can well become a Top10 GoodLogo.

Material for Design Cases, Logo Evolutions, info on designers and other trivia are also very warm welcomed. So if you got anything interesting material or ideas, please let us know by sending an attachment or link.

Please note we only place national or international known logos. The intention for submitting logos is to submit your favorite logo(s), not your own made or company logo. These logos will not be added.

Mail your logo or anything to:  submit@goodlogo!com
Or use our online tool to: Upload a Logo Directly

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