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Calculate your logiQ* here! When you start this test you will be presented with a set of eight (slightly obfuscated) logos like the ones in the example below. Now with each logo, please fill out the correct name (you will be helped with the spelling a bit here) and try to finish in time.
When you filled out a name with each logo, hit the button and your logiQ* will calculated accordingly. Who knows you'll score a very high logiQ* and you'll make it into our highscore tables! Enjoy and GoodLuck!

Top10 HighScores
1. zech (234.57)
2. zech (221.50)
3. Indrajeet D... (221.49)
  kbbabu (221.49)
4. madhes (221.42)
5. Alok Saha (221.35)
6. azman (221.25)
7. Kalyan (221.24)
8. OjaviT (221.22)
9. Rusty Young... (221.21)

  • Your logiQ is a quotient of how well you recognize various world-famous logos compared to the median recognizability of these (obfuscated) logos. The current logiQ100 value is 40.7%.
  • LogiQuizz was started 653,136 times, got submitted correctly 319,970 times and got submitted invalidly 132,617 times. 294 banned submits.

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