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00:19:01 - 8/30/'10
René Kurpershoek (7709)>Dear René,
Thank you very much for the information, I put information on this page: and of course the information on the logo is page is updated with your father as the designer.
>René Kurpershoek
04:08:12 - 8/29/'10
The logo of Amro Bank of the Netherlands was designed by my father, Theodorus Lambertus ('Theo') Kurpershoek, *1914 in Rotterdam, +1998 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He worked all his life in or near Amsterdam as a painter, etcher, calligrapher, typographist and graphic designer.
Amro Bank was the result of a merger in 1964, which was the year the logo was introduced.

21:29:08 - 8/25/'10

I truly love this site, specially the LogiQuizz, it's awsome. I have never had any idea about global logos but after playing this games so many times now i can confidently say that yes i know lot of them now.

Thank you very much to make such a wonderful website.

>Erst Roman
12:02:07 - 7/16/'10
I had fun with your games thx
16:38:31 - 7/11/'10
thank its very helpful muchas gracias espaero mas logos
07:52:25 - 6/29/'10

really it's a wonderful website ,, and i guess it helped me alot ..

a great collection of logos are available here ,, which is owesome ..


actually i shared a link for this website on every page um in ,,


thanks aloooooooooooooooooooottttt

n keep on going..

05:40:50 - 6/24/'10

Very Very interesting website & very knowledgeable 

Thanks to all

05:26:02 - 6/07/'10
Hello, You site is very good. Nice content. Gretz.
02:15:48 - 5/18/'10
nice colletion
04:31:13 - 5/10/'10
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