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Columbus Blue Jackets
almostred, silver, sloggiblue, flag, lines, star, stars
Pittsburgh Steelers
faintred, gold, lightlavender, pepsiblue, circle, stars
Tennessee Titans
faintred, sloggiblue, steelblue, flame, stars, t
Minnesota Wild
beige, crimson, darkgoldenrod, oakgreen, animal, coaster, landscape, stars
Orlando Magic
black, koneblue, ball, basketball, stars
Philadelphia 76ers
almostred, koneblue, ball, basketball, circle, stars
Starbucks Coffee
black, oakgreen, circle, coaster, crown, hair, person, stars, woman
gold, royalblue, mountain, stars
gold, ellips, stars
flyingblue, shield, stars, waves
National Football League
heinzred, sloggiblue, ball, stars
koneblue, red, circle, globe, stars
Atlanta 1996
hawaiianred, sienna, tomato, flame, rings, stars, torch
UEFA Champions League
black, ball, football, globe, sphere, stars
Super Bowl XLIV
albablue, mattred, tomato, 3d, romannumber, stars
Super Bowl XLIII
forestgreen, sloggiblue, field, romannumber, stars
Procter & Gamble
black, man, person, stars
benettongreen, pepsiblue, yellow, cross, shield, stars
Manchester City
roverbeige, vansblue, animal, banner, bird, eagle, shield, ship, stars
Milky Way
darkblue, red, stars
darkslateblue, red, stars, underline
koneblue, slash, stars
US Dental Care
darkblue, red, s, stars, u
brightblue, shield, stars, waves

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