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New England Patriots
silver, sloggiblue, washedoutred, face, flag, man, star
Oakland Raiders
black, silver, face, helmet, man, pirate, shield, sword
Washington Redskins
black, gold, mountainred, face, feather, man
Minnesota Vikings
black, darkslateblue, gold, face, helmet, horns, man, vikings
Ottawa Senators
black, crimson, darkgoldenrod, face, head, helmet, man
black, heinzred, yellow, bowtie, face, mustache
People PC
face, letters, smiley
LG Electronics
crimson, acronym, circle, face, letters, smiley
Mac OS
face, shiny, smiley
black, red, circle, face, helmet, man
red, face, i, letter, letters, smiley, t, u
International Film Festival Rotterdam
black, animal, cat, circle, face, tiger
Bon Aqua
almostred, pepsiblue, silver, face, man, square, underline
black, koneblue, face, hair, vellips, woman
orange, yellow, baby, face, head, person, square
black, dodgerblue, face, head, person, punctuation
royalblue, circle, face, letters

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