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>Arie Kakiailatu
06:05:39 - 12/05/'10
Dear there,
I noticed the logo of Woolmark - but you forgot to include the logo of Leathermark, Recycle, Foodgrade Plastic and Woodenmark.  Please take a note on all these for the completeness of your information.

Good luck to you


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09:44:52 - 7/09/'14
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09:45:14 - 7/08/'14
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09:43:59 - 7/04/'14
Hi Goodlogo team,
Just one question. Why my high scores are getting deleted in the logo quiz for past three days. I scored 100% with 60 seconds to spare. I registered it but today I see it is not there...!!!

Strange..!! is it manipulated???????????????
16:38:40 - 7/01/'14
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06:36:55 - 5/23/'14

The logo that comes up when you type in Coca-Cola is wrong. The loop of the "L" is missing.


20:06:07 - 10/08/'13
Great logo site, very inspirational with plenty of great ideas for logo designers, I recommend for anyone looking to create professional logos for their business
11:54:50 - 11/27/'12
Hey all, I love this site. Wish all the logos had explanations. Its so insightful. I'm new to the whole logo design thing. I'm going at it myself. I admire what graphic designers do (logo design, specifically). Simplify a whole company and its motives to one recognizable shape or form. I need more logo history to help me grow... Just dropping a line.
08:07:06 - 4/25/'12
i want a rocking logo for " it's me... "
06:33:30 - 1/31/'12
kindly add Yum! brands logo
01:20:16 - 8/03/'11
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