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05:40:50 - 6/24/'10

Very Very interesting website & very knowledgeable 

Thanks to all

05:26:02 - 6/07/'10
Hello, You site is very good. Nice content. Gretz.
02:15:48 - 5/18/'10
nice colletion
04:31:13 - 5/10/'10
02:52:16 - 5/10/'10
Hi, I just want to say this is a great website, thank you
16:22:52 - 4/15/'10

00:14:24 - 4/08/'10
Mona (7667)>
Dear Mona,

Thanks for letting us know you like what we do! It's always nice to hear our work is being appreciated.
Good luck with the creation of your business logo!

Cheers, Frank
00:10:14 - 4/08/'10
Abhinav (7666)>Dear Abhinav, due to spamming and IP spoofing every now and then I am forced to remove entries for the logo iq highscore table. As otherwise it wouldn't be fair to the other contestants that do play a fair game like you.

I am very disappointed that by cleaning the highscore table I accidently deleted your entry.
Luckily I see you made another attempt and hit a highscore again.
Thanks for playing logiQuizz again.
Next time I will doublecheck before deleting entries from the highscore list.

Cheers, Frank
06:51:39 - 4/05/'10
Loved your site. I've been researching a logo for my business and found many ideas here. Thanks
20:35:52 - 3/28/'10

Dear Team Goodlogo,



I really liked this website from the day one and i have seriously enhanced my knowledge about logos,

I want to raise a issue which might be system generated or something else but my scores are not visible on your website highscorer lists i had scored the highest on 26th Mar 2010 and my score was 240.51 which took me to the top spot but when i checked the same my name was not in the list.


May i request you to kindly solve my query as you know its very hard to get all the questions right in very less time.

I hope i will get a solution very soon.

kkep the good work going...

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